7 Incredibly Effective Motivational Topics for Team Meetings

March 29, 2022
7 Incredibly Effective Motivational Topics for Team Meetings
Although remote work has tremendous benefits, it can take a toll on people due to a lack of interaction with others. While some people are self-motivated, the recent pandemic circumstances led to the demotivation of the most self-driven people.

For this reason, managers need to come up with unique team motivation ideas to give their teams the boost they need. Let's take a look at the top 7 motivational topics for team meetings.

1. Conduct Monday morning motivational meetings
2. Host a quarterly brainstorming meeting
3. Hold a debriefing meeting after project completion
5. Have weekly check-in meetings during projects
6. Have daily short meetings to track progress
7. Develop monthly motivational training topics for employees

Conduct Monday morning motivational meetings

The best way to start the week is to conduct Monday morning motivational meetings to get the team excited about the rest of the week. Mondays are usually people's least favorite day of the week; so it's a great idea to give the team a boost.

Keep the meeting short and friendly and ask how everyone spent their weekend. Then, start commending them about their achieved tasks last week or notify them with a client's positive feedback and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Since Monday mornings are usually a huge yawn fest, encourage each member to participate in the meeting to get their energy going. There's nothing like a positive conversation at the beginning of the week to lift the team's spirits. 


Host a quarterly brainstorming meeting

One of the most motivational topics for team meetings is hosting brainstorming sessions that involve the team in important decisions. When your team gets a say in a project, this gives them a sense of achievement and motivates them to do better.

Remember that your team is the number one asset in any project. If you don't make them feel that their opinions matter, they won't be motivated to do their best. 

Being included in major decisions in any project allows them to claim ownership of their work, which will motivate them to pour their hearts out into their tasks. The project becomes their "baby" because they've witnessed its progress from the conception stage to the execution stage.

To enhance productivity, Conduct a brainstorming meeting every quarter to talk about how the team can optimize the working process and overcome past issues. Give each person an opportunity to speak up about their vision in upcoming projects.

These quarterly meetings are also the perfect opportunity to remind the team of your vision for the company. This will make them feel that they are the core pillars of the company, which is a great motivational booster.


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Hold a debriefing meeting after project completion

When your team spends long months trying to optimize a project, it's only fair to debrief them about its results. It's a great opportunity for them to reap the benefits of their hard work and see how much it matters.

A debriefing meeting is one of the best motivational topics for team meetings you can ever have for your team. In this meeting, they'll be able to see how each task they completed contributed to the end result. 

This is also a great way to learn from past mistakes and overcome any issues head-on in the next projects. While a debriefing may seem strictly professional, it's still a great way to share some anecdotes about the project as a team-building activity, which brings us to the next point.


Create team building meetings to strengthen team collaboration

Team building meetings are a great way to form a tight bond between team members. This interaction makes people feel a sense of belonging to the team and gets them motivated to contribute to its progress.

Team building meetings are best initiated with a few ice breakers for virtual meetings to allow the members to get to know one another. This facilitates communication especially with remote work where people can easily feel isolated.

Take a look at some team meeting ideas for online meetings as an inspiration for motivational topics for team meetings.


Have weekly check-in meetings during projects

It's not enough to meet with your team only once before and once after a project. Having weekly check-in meetings to track progress can be incredibly motivating for the team.

Take this chance to talk about the team's overall progress in the project without diving into too much detail. It's also a great opportunity for the team to voice any concerns they have in the project.

Assure your team that you'll go to bat for them to secure any needed resources and communicate their concerns to the top management.

This progress check-in is one of the greatest motivational topics for team meetings because it makes your team feel that you have their back.


Have daily short meetings to track progress

Having short meetings every day can be very motivating to your team to let them know you're interested in their progress and how much you appreciate their hard work.

You can dedicate a section of the standup meetings to track the team's progress on a daily basis. Keep the meeting short and simple and use it to give a shoutout to the team as an energy booster at the beginning of the day.

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motivational topics for team meetings - duplicate meetings

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Develop monthly motivational training topics for employees

Providing training opportunities for your employees to develop their skills will make them feel that you care about their individual progress. 

Find out what each member likes to do as a side project and allow them to pursue it by dedicating a couple of hours every week to work on that project.

Allow each member to discuss their side projects in a monthly meeting to express their individuality and feel a sense of pride in what they accomplished.


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The bottom line

With remote work, conducting motivational team meetings is becoming more important than ever. You can easily feel disconnected from the team without communicating on a daily basis. 

We highly recommend using the aforementioned motivational topics for team meetings to make your employees feel that they belong to a family that cares about their individual progress, which ultimately leads to your company's success and growth.


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